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The UK legend Novar sits down with Ruchelle from Crafty Luv

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Some of our older videos


Urban Xtra met Predz UK at his headline show in London

Predz UK Feat TE dness - Don't Like Me

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@YourHostRob meets Izzie Gibbs and talks Ying Yang EP, Stomzy co-sign and more

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'The Plug', Bugzy Malone and F.I.T.B



@HighBerryCorner released this absolute banger titled 'Amen' go  check this out

DeeWain brings you his 3rd release called 'Energy'  from his EP titled 'Be Safe Tho'


@YourHostRob sits down and chops it up with Lethal Bizzle about working with 67

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Ishy Dee - Come My Way Feat Truthz

Join the hosts of the hilarious 'Same Difference' with Story Time

@HighBerryCorner released this anthem 'Loud On The Menu' some months ago and it still has an impact

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Mr 10 Gears, DontLikeMeChallenge @ Predz UK Headline show

Highlights from Predz UK Headline show featuring Joe Black

Big Zeeks, Emak, North West London MCs @ Predz UK Headline show

Life with Dee & Conz, The speak out game

Talented collective Tabou release the official video for the song titled 'For The Night'



Kayda May Ft Silqe and Marcus Data - Endz

Crafty Luv - Ruchelle talks to Razor about what to expect from him in the future and why he chose to take a break

Crafty Luv - Ruchelle catches up with Bad FX @ Ziplock

Crafty Luv - Ruchelle meets Belly Mac and talks music and fashion

Kojo Rigault - Loved Up



Kojo Rigault Feat R££MZ - Ghetto Girl

Kojo Rigualt - Someone Special

Basco General - Take Me To A Place

L Martin - More Love

An exciting talent straight out of Luton, Dibo brings you 'Survival'